Zcash Community Grants

Zcash Community Grants

Do you have what it takes to contribute to the adoption and usability of Zcash? We invite you to apply for a grant. It’s simple!

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About Zcash Community Grants

The Zcash Community Grants program (formerly known as ZOMG) funds independent teams entering the Zcash ecosystem, to perform major ongoing development (or other work) for the public good of the Zcash ecosystem.

Funding for Zcash Community Grants comes from the Major Grants slice of the Zcash Dev Fund. Grants are chosen by a five-person committee elected by the Zcash Community.

Our Funding Source

ZIP-1014, voted and agreed upon by the Zcash community, provides ongoing major grant funding to the ecosystem through 8% of the Zcash mining reward until the second halving in 2024.

Zcash Community Grants has:

  • ~100,000 ZEC which equates to
  • $11M USD at $110 ZECUSD

Check this dashboard for the most up to date figures.

What We're Ready To Fund

This wishlist is meant to encourage ideas for potential applicants to improve the Zcash ecosystem and is not exhaustive. If your idea to improve Zcash doesn’t fit exactly, feel free to surprise us with your proposal!

  • Zcash hardware wallet support
  • Key-management tools
  • Physical storage (paper wallets or lightweight hardware)
  • Shielded wallets for smartphones (iOS/Android/GTK/Plasma Mobile)
  • Web or Desktop wallets
  • Payment URIs
  • Easy one-click shielded payments
  • Easy multi-sig tools for Shielded Addresses (e.g. an implementation of FROST in user-facing wallets)
  • Point-of-sale for brick and mortar shops

  • Zcash SDK based on Mozilla UniFFI - a multi-language bindings generator for Rust
  • Wallet API and SDK libraries for iOS/Android
  • React Native SDK and libraries
  • Network layer privacy solutions for light client SDKs and libraries
  • Performance improvements to Mobile SDKs and libraries

  • Developer documentation
  • Translations of existing documentation
  • Unified Address support & implementation by exchanges
  • R&D Decentralized light client syncing
  • R&D on "voting keys" and "time weighted voting"
  • Audits for updated Zcash software

  • Atomic swaps
  • Zcash on Ethereum, wrapped ZEC
  • Stablecoins on Zcash, ZUSD

  • Application on top of Zcash network
  • Integrating native ZEC in end user apps

Ongoing Services
  • Accurate Blockchain Explorer
  • Proving Key Distribution
  • Light client servers / infrastructure

  • Improving "Zcash Protocol Spec" for developers
  • Videos and tutorials about how to use Zcash securely
  • User education: T-addresses vs. Shielded/Unified Addresses
  • Websites with educational resources

  • Global Ambassador Program
  • Podcasts
  • Note taking for protocol development meeting (via GitHub or Twitter thread)

Projects We've Funded

These are some of the projects we've funded so far:

Check this dashboard for a complete list of grants and milestones paid.