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The Global Ambassador Program


The Zcash Community Grants Committee is excited to announce the creation of a new, experimental program: The Global Ambassador Program.

The Global Ambassador Program is designed to identify community members who make high-quality contributions to the Zcash community and empower them to become leaders. Our goal is for Ambassadors to lead activities that grow the Zcash community, drive user adoption, and advance awareness of Zcash’s privacy-preserving technology.

Some examples include hosting physical or virtual meetup events, maintaining an active presence on social media, and creating original content related to Zcash. Our intention is for the program to be relatively flexible, and for Ambassadors to have creative freedom over the activities they plan. Ambassadors who successfully fulfill their obligations are eligible to receive a monthly stipend of $1,000 to support and reward their efforts.

The first cohort of Ambassadors will start March 1 and serve an initial trial period of three months with the possibility of extending through the year. The Ambassadors are Artkor from Russia, Yoditar from Venezuela, and Ziga, paywithzcash, and Trends from the United States. Please join me in congratulating them on their new role within the community.

Over time, if the program is successful and proves to be a value add to the Zcash community, we hope to include more community members from different parts of the world. We are also considering expanding it to support project-based activities such as organizing meetups, moderating social media channels, and translating materials into non-English languages. Although the first cohort was chosen by the grants committee, future Ambassadors will be nominated and selected by the community.

Please use this thread to share any questions or feedback you have related to the program or specific Ambassadors.

Thank you,

Zcash Community Grants Committee

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