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The Zcash Community Grants (ZCG) committee is announcing updates to the Request For Proposal (RFP) program to include a new RFP Idea Submission form and bounty program, updates to the RFP standard terms and conditions, and releases two new RFPs for various projects.

First, in addition to the RFP ideas we currently have in the pipeline, we are seeking ideas from the Zcash community to identify gaps in development tooling, resources, or documentation that hinder building on top of Zcash. We have created an RFP Idea Submission form that will help inform the ZCG of the community’s development needs, with the goal of gathering proposals that can be prioritized and developed into RFPs for projects that will improve the development on and usability of Zcash. The form has no deadline, and the idea originator will receive a $500 USD in ZEC bounty reward upon ZCG’s acceptance of an RFP proposal for their idea. The RFP Idea bounties aim to reward community members for their time and incentivize the development of their ideas. Further information can be found under the “Zcash Community Grants RFP Program’’ section of zcashgrants.org. The Idea form and bounty process works like this:

  1. Community member has an idea and fills out the RFP Idea Submission Form
  2. If ZCG is interested in funding the idea, ZCG works with community member to draft and publish an RFP around the idea.
  3. A developer submits a proposal in response to the RFP.
  4. ZCG accepts the proposal for the RFP.
  5. Community member receives the bounty reward of $500.

Next, we are changing the layout of our RFPs to improve the readability of the document and cut to the point of the proposal. Standard language that applies to every proposal will be linked onto the forum thread where the proposal is posted and hosted here. We have also provided clarity about how we will handle the RFP bidding process moving forward.

Finally, the committee has issued two RFPs for qualified individuals or companies to submit proposals to spur Unified Address support by exchanges and extend the Zcash memo field to support secure messaging.

If you’re interested in submitting a bid for one of these projects, the RFPs can be accessed as a PDF document and are available for discussion on the Zcash Community Forum here:

Stay tuned, keep an eye out on the RFI-RFP Category on the Forum, and please Contact us if you have any feedback or questions.

Zcash Community Grants is a community-elected grants committee within the Zcash ecosystem that funds Zcash-related projects in order to bring financial privacy to everyone in the world. Zcash Community Grants program provides grants to teams of all sizes, from individual hobbyists to larger organizations that may not be actively looking to apply for grants; such as widely adopted wallet providers. The goal of the Zcash Community Grants program is to tap into wider networks of crypto users and infrastructure, ultimately accelerating the growth and impact of Zcash.

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