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Zcash Community Grants have published their first two Requests for Proposals

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The Zcash Community Grants (ZCG) committee is excited to announce a new initiative to attract talent and developers to grow the adoption and usability of Zcash. Over the coming months, ZCG will be publishing a number of Requests For Proposals (RFPs) and Requests for Input (RFIs) for various projects.

RFPs describe specific projects ZCG is interested in funding and seek to solicit bids from developers interested in working on a project. RFPs will be posted to the Zcash Community Forum and the Zcash Grants platform. RFIs are pre-RFPs where we have a general idea for a project and we’re asking for the community’s feedback to help us make it better, or to better reflect what the community wants to see before we post the actual RFP. RFIs will be posted to the Zcash Community Forum for discussion.

In addition, we are currently working with the Zcash Foundation on a plan to advertise and market the RFPs in order to attract more high-quality developers. We will announce more information about this plan later this quarter.

So far, the committee has issued two RFPs for qualified individuals or companies to submit proposals to create a podcast dedicated to Zcash and to develop a Zcash UniFFI library for simplifying the use of core cryptography methods and to make integrating with Zcash much easier.

If you’re interested in submitting a bid for one of these projects, the RFPs can be accessed as a PDF document and are available for discussion on the Zcash Community Forum here:

There are many more RFIs and RFPs that will be published in the coming months for projects and initiatives we’ve identified as a high priority. Stay tuned, keep an eye out on the RFI-RFP Category on the Forum, and please Contact us if you have any feedback or questions.

Zcash Community Grants is a community-elected grants committee within the Zcash ecosystem that funds Zcash-related projects in order to bring financial privacy to everyone in the world. Zcash Community Grants program provides grants to teams of all sizes, from individual hobbyists to larger organizations that may not be actively looking to apply for grants; such as widely adopted wallet providers. The goal of the Zcash Community Grants program is to tap into wider networks of crypto users and infrastructure, ultimately accelerating the growth and impact of Zcash.

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